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Sponsor Opportunity
We no longer have a difference in sponsorship. Only one sponsor amount is possible.
The general sponsor amount is € 50 per year. You will receive a mention for this four times in the quarterly magazine and a mention 24/7 at the bottom of our website that can be seen on all sub pages.  Read the sponsor conditions here
Free Gifts
There is no fixed amount for free gifts. All amounts small and large are welcome. You choose whether you want a mention on the website or magazine.
Why become a sponsor?
If you are interested in sponsorship or free gifts, please email
There are several reasons to sponsor.
Improving image
Increasing brand awareness
Increasing the chance of performances or memberships Linedance club
Promote products
Establishing or improving relationships with (potential) customers
Obtain hospitality
Personal motives (goodwill)

Showing involvement is the main reason for companies to sponsor associations. People often sponsor to give the association a warm heart.
Increased chance of gigs or member recruitment
Many artists or associations want to draw attention to their products and services when visiting a website or reading a magazine.
Improving image